Biography of Rosa Oriol de Tous

Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Rosa Oriol de Tous


Ms. Oriol is Co-Chairwoman and Creative Director of TOUS. She is a member of the European Women’s Management Development International Network and is honoury President of The Entrepreneurs Forum.  TOUS has created a style of jewellery based on the concept of fashion Jewellery and also supplies a full range of accessories and a home collection to 350 stores in 42 countries. The teddy bear is a significant emblem of TOUS a symbol of good luck for millions and it marked the start of the international expansion of TOUS. Although Ms. Oriol designs 20 annual collections, the bear is always part of them in some form. It is special to her, reminding her of wonderful childhood memories. Tous has experienced significant growth and is named in the annual ranking Europe’s 500 best companies. Ms. Oriol is a participating author of “100 Women Entrepreneurs” and has received many awards, amongst them Ernst and Young Entrepreneur of the year and Fun Fearless Female from Cosmo magazine.